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Christians whose faith and traditions have stood unchanged since the early 1600s. We are dedicated to preserving our heritage, providing services to our families in need, and creating a better future for our children. 


Our ancestors lived in the farmlands of Russia until the Russian Revolution of 1917. At that time, they faced a choice: Faith or Freedom?

They Chose Faith

This choice led to government persecution.

Our ancestors found themselves fleeing Russia in the early 1900s seeking a country where they could pray in peace. For a time, some found peace in Asian countries like Turkey, Kazakhstan, or China. Others settled in Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina.

A New Land

Then, in the late 1900s, they heard of a great nation. One built on the liberty that promised their Freedom of Religion would never be tampered with, the land that fulfilled their dream of a safer future for their children, where they no longer had to live in fear of religious persecution. That land was called America.

With the help of the Molokhani, Red Cross, and World Council of Churches, we settled in Oregon — and later Alaska, Washington, and Minnesota.


In 2020, Russian Old Believer Community was formed as a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving our ancestors’ beliefs and traditions sacrificed so much to protect as we give back to the community that helped us not so long ago.

Growth In Faith

ROBC leadership members formed together to offer a biblical emphasis in all areas of education and living. They are committed to creating an environment that enables people to love, respect, and understand what it means to be a Christian. The ROBC is driven by ideas and goals from individuals passionate about preserving the Old Believer faith and helping the community thrive in God’s image. ROBC is a sweeping movement to answer God’s call for justice in this fragmented world, particularly in the areas of protecting religion, spiritual teachings, and care for each other.

Make A Difference

God designed the Christian lifestyle to be one of service and giving. Just as Christ came to serve us by pouring out his life on the cross for our salvation, we are also called to follow his example of serving by pouring out our lives for the good of others. Your donation positively impacts our community and helps provide the resources needed to support the Old Believer faith. Any contributions to the ROBC are valued and greatly appreciated. We are very thankful for each one of you who supports our movement.

Our Vision

Our teachings will ground students to understand the Old Believer community history regarding the Russian Orthodox faith. Their lessons will challenge them to achieve academic excellence while providing a lifelong service to God, the Old Believer community, and others as practitioners of true Christianity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect and preserve our Orthodox Old Believer faith, practices, and traditions and make disciples of Jesus Christ.


Help support keeping the cost of tuition down, the lights on, and the teachers and staff motivated to run the school for a better future for the children.



Anna Kasachev
School Director


Katirina Alagoz


Ulita Seleznev



Philip Simmons
Facilities Manager



Kira Chuprov


Evdokia Cam
Second & Third Grade


Antonina Scherbakov
Educational Assistant


Fenia Goktas
First Grade


Evdokia Alagoz
Devotional & Russian Language


Volunteer Program

Have you been having to urger to help out the kids at the school or other events that help benefit the school, kids, community sign up to volunteer! We would love your help.

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