Welcome Students!

On-Site Learning


It has been a dream for the Russian Old Believers to have a Russian/Slavic School from the moment our parents and grandparents stepped foot on American soil.

Something that was a dream some 60 years ago, and only by the Grace of God.

This year, October 12, 2020 this dream came into fruition. 


Welcome Students! to the Holy Trinity Private School.

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Parents Comment on the First Day of School
Комментарий родителей о первом учебном дне

  • They also told me “We got to meet the principal today!” ❤️ It was amazing seeing everyone being involved!
  • Stefan said he had soo much fun! Talked about what they did in class and how he made friends ?❤ Спаси Христос
  • My boys weren’t ready to go home! They loved every moment and can’t wait to go back tomorrow! ? CX to all the staff! And I was so excited dropping them off as well ?
  • My son had amazing time to. he said my teacher is тёка kira and she is very nice??
  • My daughter said “Mama best first day of school ever!” Thank you to all!
  • My daughter loved school as well! She just couldn’t stop talking about it on the way home and keeps asking if she can go back.
  • Yes, my son too! He LOVED it!!! Said “Mom, it wasn’t even hard “
  • My kids had a blast and can’t stop talking how much fun they had and can’t wait to go back. Melts my heart. Cnacu xprustos???

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E-Learning & Devotional


Holy Trinity Private School offers an online E-Learning program.

Online E-Learning currently available for 4th-8th Grade.

Register Today!


We are offering a 

Slavic E-Learning

Devotional Only Program

for grades 4-8.

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Due to Covid-19 class size restrictions, Holy Trinity Private School is limited to the amount of students on-site.

We are currently working on updating the school to allow for more students.