The Holy Trinity Private School is dedicated to offering a curriculum that upholds its Christian values, offers support to its family members, and creates a deep sense of a united community. We wouldn’t be able to do this without our amazing volunteers.

The team that we have assembled to help us in this task includes teachers with varied experience in the school system; including special needs education, public education, bi-lingual lesson plans, extensive experience in homeschooling, Slavic language, and bible study classes. We are also looking into either creating a custom lesson plan that is tailored to the school’s needs or sifting through different already made plans.

Whatever plan we choose will uphold the Holy Trinity school’s Christian values.


Dual Language

There has been much debate about whether the classes should include curriculum mainly spoken in the Russian language or a mixture of both Russian and English. After speaking with language and education experts, we have decided that kindergarten and first grade will consist of a half Russian and half English curriculum. We have taken into account that a majority of children enrolling in these classes will be speaking mainly English, as that is most likely the language that is spoken at home.

Starting the students off with equal parts of both languages will ensure a soft introduction to both languages for beginner speakers. 

It will also allow for a smoother transition when the children graduate to the second through eighth grade. This curriculum will be 75% Russian and 25% English. These percentages are just an estimation of what our goal as education providers will look like.

School Environment

The proportions mentioned above don’t accurately represent the languages that will be spoken at the school. The teachers will be speaking Russian inside as well as outside of the classroom and the church services provided will be held in the traditional Slavonic language.

Slavonic Language

We have a few women working on our team that are experts at teaching the Slavonic language, including church prayers. Our goal is to offer these faith-based classes alongside the common core classes. We are still working on how to offer services to all denominations of the Russian Old Believer faith and will be updating our website with more information as soon as it becomes available.

The Holy Trinity School

Our goal with offering both languages is to make sure that our children do not forget their traditional language but at the same time are not hindered in their ability to function as adults later in life. 

Our hope is that by educating our children in this manner, the adults of tomorrow will have a stronger connection with their faith, deeper foundation in our community, and better communication with their elders.