It has been a dream for the Russian Old Believers to have a school ever since we first stepped foot on American soil some 60 years ago. We were able to achieve that dream in 2020.

Thanks to the hard work and determination of our volunteers, we were able to purchase a school debt free. The Holy Trinity School, located in Silverton, Oregon, will be the location of a youth group, pre-school, and community center.

With the continuous support of our donors and local communities, we will be remodeling the school to expand curriculum and offer more classes. The possibilities with this school are endless. It will be the cornerstone for our community’s heritage.

We are dedicated to preserving our heritage, providing services to our families in need, and creating a better future for our children. This, and so much more, is all attainable at the Holy Trinity School.


Holy Trinity Private School is seeking to identify children planning to attend K-2 during the upcoming school year.

Remodel Project

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Holy Trinity Curriculum

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