Welcome Students!

On-Site Learning

It has been a dream for the Russian Old Believers to have a Russian/Slavic School from the moment our parents and grandparents stepped foot on American soil.

Something that was a dream some 60 years ago, and only by the Grace of God.

This year, October 12, 2020 this dream came into fruition. 


Welcome Students! to the Holy Trinity Private School.

Parents Comment on the First Day of School
Комментарий родителей о первом учебном дне
  • They also told me “We got to meet the principal today!” ❤️ It was amazing seeing everyone being involved!
  • Stefan said he had soo much fun! Talked about what they did in class and how he made friends 😍❤ Спаси Христос
  • My boys weren’t ready to go home! They loved every moment and can’t wait to go back tomorrow! 🥰 CX to all the staff! And I was so excited dropping them off as well 😉
  • My son had amazing time to. he said my teacher is тёка kira and she is very nice🥰🥰
  • My daughter said “Mama best first day of school ever!” Thank you to all!
  • My daughter loved school as well! She just couldn’t stop talking about it on the way home and keeps asking if she can go back.
  • Yes, my son too! He LOVED it!!! Said “Mom, it wasn’t even hard “
  • My kids had a blast and can’t stop talking how much fun they had and can’t wait to go back. Melts my heart. Cnacu xprustos🙏🤗😍

Tuition Rates

We are also offering E-Learning for the students unable to attend our school onsite. We offer classes for adults as well. Click Here To Learn More.

Principal Ulita's Video Update