Support the School

Support the School

Your support today can help HTPS cover a multitude of costs as well as fund any future expansion to make the school more accommodating to the students’ needs.

Support TOP

The Tuition Offset Program (TOP) allows parents to volunteer for fundraisers in exchange for tuition credits. Supporting TOP with your donation today helps the students of those parents receive a greater tuition credit.

Support TAP

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) provides tuition assistance to families who experience hardship. Your donation today helps us provide aid to these families in need allowing their students to get the education they need.

The Russian Old Believer Community (ROBC) has dreamed of a school for their children since they first set foot onto American soil in the 1960s. They envisioned a school that would protect the traditions and values that the refugees escaped persecution to protect. In 2019, a courageous few stepped forward and committed to seeing this dream become a reality.

Framers at work

The First Meeting

The community made a call out to its members and arranged a meeting involving those who want do something. At the time, the community had no idea that this was simply the first of many meetings, just the beginning of a greater chapter.

robc const 4

Only the Beginning

What started off as just an idea, a whisper of a dream, became a building. With the help of generous people like you, the empty and decrepit building became a school filled with students. This school is what is known today as the Holy Trinity Private School (HTPS).

And Now

Today, this school serves over 200 students in grades ranging from kindergarten to high school. The dedicated staff at HTPS work tirelessly every day to provide a curriculum that enriches the lives of the students, strengthens their relationship with God, and nurtures their understanding of the Russian Old-Believers language and traditions. In just a few years, the community has transformed from lacking a solid foundation for our traditions to having a cornerstone where this way of life is not only protected but thriving, especially among our youth.

So What's Next?

While the community has made significant progress in recent years, there is still much more room for growth.

  • The high school students are currently accommodated in just two classrooms, limiting the range of extracurricular activities the school can offer them.
  • The gymnasium is small. It was initially sufficient for three classrooms, but now struggles to meet the needs of the expanded 11 classrooms the school now supports.
  • Although there is a field behind the school, it is inadequate for the after-school sports program that students continue to request each year.
  • Approximately 50% of the student body depends on the Tuition Offset Program to cover tuition costs which means HTPS must continue fundraising efforts.

While the school has achieved significant milestones, the feedback from the community, students, and parents indicates that there is still a long way to go. This is where your support and involvement become crucial.