About our History

This is their history, Orthodox Old Believers who rejected Russian Orthodox Church reforms enacted in the 1650s. As Christians, they devote themselves to God and the teachings of Jesus Christ, and as Old Believers, they are dedicated to preserving their heritage and beliefs, striving to build a better and brighter future for their children. 

Humble Beginnings

Because of persecution for their beliefs, the community’s Old Believer ancestors sought refuge in remote villages in Siberia, establishing settlements until the upheaval of the Russian Revolution in 1917. To protect their religious beliefs and traditions, they escaped Russia with little more than the clothes on their backs. Some briefly found sanctuary in countries such as Turkey, Kazakhstan, and China. Yet, faced with challenges like the ascent of Chinese Communism and global instability, they fled once more, settling in Australia, Brazil, and Argentina. 

The Journey

In the late 1900s, the call to America beckoned strongly to the Old Believers, promising protection for their religious convictions. With the aid from the Red Cross and the World Council of Churches, these refugees found their way to the United States. Established Molokan brethren in Oregon facilitated their settlement, providing assistance with work visas and aiding in their transition into life in Oregon. 

Hopeful Future

In 2019, the Russian Old Believer Community acquired a building in Silverton, Oregon, laying the foundation for the first K-12 Old Believer school, Holy Trinity Private School. Rooted in the Holy teachings and family values, the school draws inspiration from the faith. Through the generosity of local community members, the building underwent renovations, including the addition of five modular units, to accommodate over 200 students. 

Growth in Faith

In a little over a century, the Russian Orthodox Old Believers have flourished as guardians of their beliefs, traditions, and Russian language, ensuring a prosperous future for their community.

Make a Difference

In Oregon, the Old Believers have transformed the dreams of their refugee ancestors into reality. While much has been achieved, none of it could have been possible without the grace of God and the generous support of the local citizens and businesses. Fundraising efforts continue to make tuition affordable, ensuring that the doors of Holy Trinity Private School remain open to all families in the Old Believer Community.