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Holy Trinity Private School (HTPS) was founded by a group of concerned parents who feared their children were drifting away from the beliefs and customs that define the Old Believer identity. They sought to prevent the erosion of their Russian Old Believer heritage, preserved through generations of struggle and sacrifice. Holy Trinity Private School stands as a beacon, ensuring the continuity of these cherished tradition for future generations. 

Drop Off Times
8:00 AM to 8:25 AM

School Hours
8:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Pick Up Times
3:00 PM to 3:30 PM


New Student Application

Student Handbook

The handbook is currently unavailable. It will become available before the start of the next school year.

Jupiter Access


Does the school serve my church?

HTPS provides services to the following churches:

  • Church of St. Nicholas, 39555 S Barlow Rd
  • Church of the Holy Ascension, 12929 Bethlehem Dr NE
  • Old Ritualist Church of Saint Nicola, 13300 Frolov Dr NE
  • Pokrov Church, 13150 Bethlehem Dr NE (Turkey)
  • Russian Old Believers St. Nikola Church, 8702 Parr Rd
  • Saint Nicholas Old Believer Church, 32900 S Meridian Rd (Brick)
  • Staroobriadcheskaya Tserkov I, 32038 S Burkent Rd
  • Uspenia Church, 12940 Bethlehem Dr NE
  • Uspenska Church, 9344 Broadacres Rd NE
  • Yspenia Church, 13495 Woodburn-Monitor Rd

How much is tuition?

CLICK HERE, for an updated tuition rate, as well as information regarding fees, payment types and any other information you may need in regards to tuition.

How do I register my student for the new school year?

If your student was registered and attended school last year, simply login to your parent page in Jupiter, click the “register” tab and register your student from there.

CLICK HERE to access Jupiter.

If your student is new and has not previously gone to the school then click on one of the following:

CLICK HERE to apply for your K-5th grade student.
CLICK HERE to apply for your 6th-12th grade student.

Where do I go to pay tuition?

Payments can be made in the following ways:

  • Cash – No transaction fee. Drop off directly at the school office.
  • Check – Payable to ROBC HTPS with student name(s) noted in the memo line. Drop off or mail to the school office. No transaction fees. Bounced check fees will be the payer’s responsibility.
  • ACH Checking/Savings (via Jupiter) – Transaction fee 1.9% ($4 max fee).
  • Card (via Jupiter) – Transaction fee 2.9% + $1 (no fee limit).

CLICK HERE to access Jupiter.

Where do I go to find my student's grades?

Your student’s grades can be found on Jupiter.

CLICK HERE to access Jupiter.

What school supplies do I need to bring?

There is no school supply list for the 2024-2025 school year. School supplies are included in the tuition cost. HTPS will provide all required school supplies excluding backpacks, water bottles, and lunchboxes. You will need to provide those.

Can I enroll my kindergarten student?

Children who will be five years old on or before September 15, 2024 are eligible to apply/register. Exceptions to this policy will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Does my student need to attend mandatory orientation?

Students enrolled in grades 6th through 12th, along with their parents, will be required to attend mandatory orientation on August 26th, 2024 to review policies and expectations.

How can I volunteer to help at the school?

Reach out to us. Come to the school or contact us through any other means. HTPS needs all the help it can get and will greatly appreciate your support.

Info about Registration

Katirina Alagoz

Phone: 503-874-1557

Info about Billing

Capitalina Ayhan

Phone: 503-742-1189

For any additional questions, feel free to contact the school.

Tuition Programs

Tuition Offset Program

The Tuition Offset Program (TOP) at HTPS offers parents the chance to participate in various fundraising projects throughout the year, earning credits toward their tuition. This initiative is part of HTPS’s commitment to keeping tuition fees affordable for all parents while encouraging parental engagement in the school community. The school is open to suggestions and ideas for fundraisers and encourages parents to take the initiative in creating fundraising opportunities to help offset the cost of their children’s tuition.

Tuition Assistance Program

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) at HTPS enables the school to support families in the community who are in need. Qualifying families may benefit from reduced tuition fees, smaller monthly payments, or even complete coverage of their tuition costs. Previous recipients of TAP have included widowed families, single-parent households, and low-income families.

The school’s goal is to expand access of the educational services to as many individuals as possible who can benefit from them.

The school is finalizing details on this program and a button here to a page full of information will be available soon.