Tuition Offset Program (T.O.P.)

TOP was designed to involve parents in fundraising efforts to offset the cost of tuition. This program is completely voluntary, parents who don’t want to participate in the program have a choice not to participate and pay the full tuition.

Fundraising Pot Opportunities

There will be three pots per year, which means parents will have three opportunities per child to offset tuition. To take advantage of each pot, your child must enroll by the date listed. We need enough time to plan each fundraising event.

Pot One - $147,103

May 1 – September 9

The child must be enrolled by July 31, 2021.

Pot Two - $116,543

September 10 – January 9

The child must be enrolled by November 30, 2021.

Pot Three - $88,152

January 10 – April 30

The child must be enrolled by March 31, 2022.

Money Raised On Current Pot

Pot One

Total Raised:   $0

Raffles: $0

Donations: $0

Events: $0

Bottle Drop: $0

TOP Participation

One child per

Parents who opt-in to TOP can sign up for one fundraising event per child per pot. For example, I have two children Zoia and Andrew, enrolled at HTPS. I can sign up for two fundraising events, one for each child per pot.

Work Together

To meet participation requirements, everyone will need to work together and contribute fully to the entire process. Parents/guardians must participate in planning, marketing, purchasing supplies, making food, finding volunteers to help, finding items to sell at the markets, set-up/breakdown, clean up, etc.


If you can’t afford to donate supplies, we can reimburse you. We need to calculate how much the market earned before adding it to the pot. Therefore, your request must be submitted within one week after your fundraising event date to receive a reimbursement.


After participation is complete, parents will receive an award letter and tentative disbursement dates when tuition is applied.

Registered for an Event, Now What?

Once you register for a fundraising event, we will set up a Signal Group for your event. A few weeks before the event, we will schedule a meeting to plan your fundraising event (if needed). You will be participating in the fundraising event with other parents who signed up for the same date.

Can't Participate?

If you signed up for a fundraising event and can’t participate, you can designate another adult who can replace you. The designated person you assign takes your place and will need to meet all participation requirements. With all participation requirements complete, you will receive an award letter for the child, and your child will still receive a tuition disbursement.

Tuition Reduction

We have no way of predicting how much the pots will reduce your tuition. Here are a few possible scenarios. Our goal is to raise at least $200K per pot.

  • $200K / 200 students = $1,000 reduction per student
  • $200K / 175 students = $1142 reduction per student

Fundraising Burn Out

TOP is a voluntary program. Families with multiple children can participate for each child or participate only for one or two children. You decide how much you are willing to participate.

Different Ways to Help

Here are other ways you can help lower tuition for all the children in the school!


Enter for a chance to win some fantastic prizes while still supporting the school.


Help support keeping the cost of tuition down, the lights on, and the teachers and staff motivated to run the school for a better future.


Help with upcoming events to help bring in money to grow the pot of the Tuition Offset Program.

Bottle Drop

Drop all of the empty bottles and cans that keep pilling up off at the school as another way to donate.

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