Tuition Offset Program

TOP was designed to provide an opportunity for parents to be involved in the fundraising process. It is a voluntary program where the parents that fulfill their participation requirements may receive tuition credits in exchange for their involvement.

One hundred percent of NET funds raised from each event will go into TOP to reduce tuition for qualifying families during the school year. At the end of each TOP pot, we will divide the total NET funds raised amongst those who participated and fulfilled their requirements and apply the credit to the tuition of the child listed on each sign-up form.


How many fundraising opportunities will there be?

There are 3 pots per year, meaning parents will have 3 opportunities per child throughout the year to offset tuition. We may add additional fundraising opportunities in addition to those listed. HTPS Parents, please keep an eye out on Signal and emails through Jupiter for more info on TOP opportunities.


Pot 1: June 1 – August 31 (Gala)
Pot 2: Sept. 1 – Dec. 31 (Bake Sales)
Pot 3: January 1 – April 30 (Bake Sales)

How do I register for a fundraising event?

Fundraiser registrations will be sent out through the HTPS Parent Signal Chat and Jupiter. Once you register for a fundraising event, a communication channel will be set up through Signal with the event coordinator.

How many times can I sign up?

Each HTPS student qualifies for 1 tuition credit per TOP pot. Families with multiple students will have multiple opportunities but still only one TOP opportunity per student. For example: If you already participated for your single child in an event in POT #1, you will have to wait until POT #2 to sign up again.

How is participation met?

The participation requirements may differ depending on the type of event. Basic participation requirements include working together with the group, contribution through the whole process, as well as working amicable with the event coordinator. Other requirements may include participating in planning, marketing, purchasing supplies, making items to sell, set-up/breakdown, clean-up, etc. Other participation requirements will be explained in detail during the initial fundraiser planning meeting (if applicable).

I signed up for a fundraiser but something came up and I can't participate anymore. What do I do?

If you signed up for a fundraising event and can no longer participate, please notify the event coordinator immediately. You may be offered an alternative fundraising opportunity or be allowed to sign up an alternative adult to take your place. The designated person you assign takes your place in every aspect and must meet all participation requirements. If all participation requirements are met, your child may still receive a tuition disbursement.

What if I want to unenroll my child/children BEFORE the TOP credit(s) are applied?

The credit will still be applied to your student’s account as scheduled.  After the credit has been applied, then the TOP credit is reimbursable upon request.  However if the reimbursement is not requested within 30 days of unenrollment, the amount will be donated to the next TOP POT and disbursed between the other students.

Can I donate my TOP Credit?

Once HTPS has disbursed the funds to the student account, HTPS has fulfilled the legal obligation of the restricted funds. After a TOP credit has been applied to a child’s account, the credit can then be donated by the parent to any other source if they choose, however, you can’t receive a donation receipt. Examples of areas you can donate your TOP credit to would be another child, or TAP (Tuition Assistance Program).

How is the TOP Credit applied?

As a default, our system is set to apply the TOP credits to your overall tuition amount, (dispersing across all monthly payments which lowers your monthly payment with each credit).  However, parents can also choose to use the credit as a monthly payment instead, they just need to notify the bookkeeper.

What if there are leftover TOP credits at the end of the year?

TOP credits are applied to the student’s account prior to what was paid by the parent. After all TOP credits have been applied to a student’s account revealing an overage, it can be donated by the parent. If a parent doesn’t specify what to do with the surplus it will simply roll over into the next year’s tuition for the child.